Smart mirrors: AdvanMirrorTM 









AdvanMirror is a smart mirror that combines RFID technology and augmented reality in order to improve the customer shopping experience and increase the retailers’ sales.

By using AdvanMirror, shoppers can try on garments like shirts, jackets, trousers, blouses, skirts, dresses, etc. in a virtual way, that is, without the need to go to a fitting room and undress. Customers can make the first selection of the garments they prefer and then go to the fitting room to verify which size fits them better.

AdvanMirror includes a RFID system, two special cameras, and a large screen. The process is the following:

  1. When the shopper places the products he/she likes on the smart shelf, the system immediately recognizes those products and shows them on the screen.
  2. The shopper looks at the screen and sees himself/herself with some augmented reality menus and options.
  3. By using gestures, the shopper selects which of  the products wants to try on first, and immediately after that, he/she sees himself/herself with that garment on.
  4. The shopper can select several products simultaneously, for instance, a shirt and a jacket, or a skirt and a blouse.

AdvanMirror can overlap garments in an intelligent way, that is, a jacket will be shown overlapping a shirt, a blouse, or trousers.

AdvanMirror also includes a highly efficient software for transforming 2D images of garments into 3D images. Retailers use this software for transforming their garments catalogue into 3D images that can be used in AdvanMirror’s virtual fitting room.

Business benefits ofAdvanMirror:

  • Sales increase
  • Reduction of queues at traditional fitting rooms
  • Improved customer shopping experience
  • Easy and fast conversion of garment pictures in the retailer’s catalogue into 3D images



Download AdvanMirror data sheet