Smart shelves and smart showcases: AdvanShelf TM


AdvanShelf is a smart shelf system based on RFID UHF, that provides inventory in real-time, with high read-rate and high location resolution.

In addition, AdvanShelf provides real-time location of tagged items, with a typical resolution of ±40 cm (±15 inches). This functionality can be used to detect misplaced items, locate any item, generate a real-time planogram, etc.

AdvanShelf can be adapted to metallic, plastic, and wood-made shelves, of any size and color.

AdvanShelf is a complete solution that includes:

  • Hardware: Antennas, multiplexers, readers, RF cables, control cables for multiplexers, power supply
  • Software drivers, including a tag location algorithm

Business benefits of AdvanShelf:

  • Reduction of out-of-stocks and misplaced items
  • Reduction of expired products
  • Fast location of products
  • Sales increase by making recommendations to customers
  • Fast picking of products for returns
  • Calculation of sales per shelf position
  • More efficient vendor-managed inventory
  • Shrinkage reduction

Download AdvanShelf data sheet  


Operating Frequency EU Version 865-868 MHz (ETSI EN 302 208)
Operating Frequency US Version 902 - 928 MHz (FCC part 15)
Materials Can be used on metallic and non-metallic fixtures, of any color and size
Can be used on shelving structures as well as panels with hangers, brochettes, etc.
Read rate Typically above 99,5%
Location resolution Typically ±40 cm (±15 inches)
Scan time Adjustable, depending on the number of antennas and number of readers
Number of antennas Approximately one every 25 cm x 25 cm
(10 inches x 10 inches)
Number of antennas that can be connected to a single reader Up to 1.024
Reader transmitted power max. 31,5 W
Communications Ethernet,
Optional:  WiFi ,  3G
Transponder Protocol Standard ISO 18000-6C
EPC Class1 Gen2
Customer protection Antennas are not visible, and not accessible by end users
Drivers Java