RFID robot for automatic inventory: AdvanRobotTM 

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RFID inventory accuracy with handheld RFID readers could be in excess of 98%, but process missteps and human errors decrease that accuracy to 85% - 95%.

AdvanRobot is a mobile and autonomous RFID system that performs automatically the inventory of a given space, for instance, a retail store or low-ceiling warehouse, that provides a higher RFID inventory accuracy than handheld readers.

AdvanRobot also locates each tagged item in the 3 axes (x, y and z), and provides a 3 dimension planogram of the products inside a space.

This information helps customers finding the products they are looking for, help employees detecting misplaced items, accelerates picking and return management,etc.

AdvanRobot can move in all directions since it can rotate without displacement. Therefore, it can easily move around any given space. The movement of AdvanRobot is synchronized with tag reading in order to maximize read rate.

AdvanRobot only moves after no more tags are being read at a given position.

AdvanRobot includes:

  • RFID system with 12 antennas, 6 on each side, capable of achieving very high read rate and a high location accuracy
  • Navigation system
  • Touch screen (shows the tags being read and allows to configure the system)
  • Joystick for remote control
  • Energy storage and recharge system

How does it work?

  1. The user moves AdvanRobot with a joystick across the space. In this phase, the RFID subsystem is not in operation.
  2. During this movement process with joystick, AdvanRobot generates automatically a map of the space.
  3. The user activates reading mode of AdvanRobot.
  4. AdvanRobot moves autonomously across the space, and in this process it reads and locates the RFID tags, storing this information.

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    U.S Patent 9939816