RFID pedestals: AdvanGateTM 

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AdvanGate is a loss prevention system based on RFID UHF. It comprises a pedestal with RFID antennas, an embedded reader, controller and alarm combining EAS and RFID functions in one system.

AdvanGate detects the tagged items that pass between the pedestals, verifies if those items have been paid,and triggers an acoustic and/or visual alarm if any item has not been paid: 

  • Checks the EAS bit of NXP chips
  • Checks if the EPC code includes a pre-defined pattern that signals that the product has or not has been paid
  • Check against the POS database if the product has been paid
  • Check bulk theft: trigger an alarm if a certain number of tags belonging to the same category are read in a certain time period (e.g. a few seconds).

AdvanGate comprises a master unit and a slave unit:

  • The master unit has an integrated reader, a controller, an alarm, a visual alarm indicator and antennas.
  • The slave unit comprises antennas and visual alarm.

AdvanSafe works with any hard and softGen2 RFID UHF tags.

AdvanSafe includes configurable parameters for minimizing false alarms.

Business benefits:

  • Shrinkage reduction
  • Combination of loss-prevention and product identification in one system
  • The pedestals can be separated up to 3.5 meters
  • Provides data to detect which product suffer more theft attempts
  • Very quick detection
  • Continuous detection field
  • Plug and play installation

Download AdvanGate data sheet  


Operating frequency 865-868 MHz, 902-928 MHz
Separation between pedestals Up to 3.5 m
Alarm Lights Light Emitting Diode (LED)
Alarm Audio Signal Buzzer
Radiation angle Fan shape
-15 dB side lobes
Alarm function Preset System gives audio alarm and light by detection of NXP EAS bit ON,
or by a specific bit set in the EPC code (can be adjusted to different
EAS data models)
Power supply Power over Ethernet
Optional: External power supply
Energy consumption 6 W max., 1,5 W stand by, 0,5 W sleep modus, 5μA
power down
Reader power max. 31,5 dBm (may be limited to conform to some regulations)
Radiated power 2 W ERP, 3.2 W EIRP
Anticollision Yes
Interface RS485, Ethernet
Transponder Protocol Standard ISO 18000-6C
EPC Class1 Gen2
Conformity EN 50364, EN 301 489, EN 302 208 (LBT), EN 300 220
Temperature range -20 °C to +55 °C
Dimensions 1550 mm x 460 mm x 55 mm (61 in x 18.1 in x 2.17 in)
Weights 10,4 kg
Material Housing Aluminum and plastic
Color Black
Human exposure EN 50364
EMC EN 301 489, EN 300 220
Air Interface (EU) ECN 302 208 v1.2 (DRM)