healthcareAre you a systems integrator or solution provider working for the healthcare sector?
Work with Keonn and expand your business

Keonn offers RFID-based solutions and components that can add value to your clients in the healthcare sector:

  • Reduce costs due to expired medical products
  • Reduce stock levels and working capital
  • Accelerate and improve reordering and restocking decisions
  • Reduce theft
  • Increase the productivity of hospital employees

 Systems for your RFID projects

smart-shelves-2   smart-shelves-7   AdvanPanel-60right    smart-floor-mats-teaser   AdvanCloud - management console2
Smart shelves   Space-wide real time inventory   Smart kanban panels   Smart floor mats   Software

Components for your RFID projects

rfid-readers         advanmux-8-no-enclosure        advanphaser-2-4      advansplitter-2       advangpio
RFID readers   RFID multiplexers   RFID phase shifters   RFID power splitters   RFID connection boards
ADAN-P11EU-FL-SMA-200-wh-background   holder advantenna-p12   rfcables-adapters   rfcables-adapters    torque wrench horizontal 
RFID antennas   Antenna holders    RF cables   RF adapters    Accessories