Keonn software: AdvanCloud TM

Screenshots of AdvanCloud user interface

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AdvanCloud is a cloud based software platform for remotely managing Keonn products:

All the detected RFID tags are recorded and stored in AdvanCloud in real time, and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. All the interaction events between the shopper and AdvanLook/AdvanFitting are also recorded and stored in AdvanCloud.

All the data stored in AdvanCloud can be easily exported or queried, in order to generate reports, apply business intelligence techniques,etc.

AdvanCloud also provides the interactive user interface for AdvanLook and AdvanFitting. This user interface can be easily customized by Keonn partners.

Business benefits of AdvanCloud:

  • Access to real time information of the detected RFID tags and events in any location,from anywhere and at any time
  • Easy and efficient remote management of Keonn products
  • Remote management of content and user interface of Keonn interactive retail systems
  • High scalability and flexibility
  • Integrated pricing, including software application, data hosting and technical support
  • Reduction of deployment time
  • Reduction of spending on technology infrastructure
  • Reduction of operational and maintenance costs
  • Guarantee of the best performance for Keonn products

Download AdvanCloud data sheet