RFID multiplexers: AdvanMux-8TM 









AdvanMux-8 is a high performance 8 port multiplexer that expands by a factor 8 the number of antennas that can be connected to each port of an RFID reader.

AdvanMux-8 is easy to connect to practically every RFID reader in the market, including Impinj, Sirit, Motorola, ThingMagic Mercury6, and others.

AdvanMux-8 can be directly connected to the I/O port of most reader models, and it can be controlled by sending simple commands to the reader. This facilitates a lot the control of AdvanMux-8 and its synchronization with the reader. Any port of AdvanMux-8 can be selected at any time.

Business benefits of AdvanMux-8:

  • Reduces the cost of RFID applications with many antennas
  • Very fast and easy connection
  • Compatible with most reader models
  • Easy selection of ports by sending proper commands to the reader
  • Easy control of several  multiplexers by interconnecting them with standard Ethernet cables
  • Low insertion loss

Download AdvanMux-8 data sheet   


Operating frequency 860 MHz to 950 MHz
Number of ports 8
Insertion loss 1.3 dB (typ.)
Isolation 30 dB (typ.)
Return loss 20 dB (typ.), 16 dB (min.)
Max input power 33 dBm
Switching time < 5 µs
RF connectors 1 input and 8 output SMA 50 ohm receptacle connectors
Control and power connector 2 input/output RJ45 connectors
Power supply Pin 6: 5 V (±5 %), or
Pin 4 & 5: 5 V (-2 %) to 48 V (+5%) through PoE (regulated on board). Note: Maximum rating is 50 V
Current consumption < 9 mA
Digital inputs 0 V/5 V TTL or open collector
Note 1: Reader outputs must sink 2 mA (maximum)
Note 2: 3.3 V readers must be 5 V tolerant
Connection to AdvanReader-100 and AdvanReader-150 Requires only a conventional Ethernet cable
AdvanReader allows using two-level AdvanMux-8 multiplexing, so that up to 256 antennas can be connected to the same reader
Connection to Impinj R220 and R420, and ThingMagic Mercury 6 Requires a cable adapter (available upon request) and a conventional Ethernet cable (UTP cable)
Connection to other readers Compatibility with most readers. Requirements:
– AdvanGPIO connection board (available upon request)
– For some reader models: PoE injector (available upon request)
Cable adapter Optional
Length: 25 centimetres (10 inches)
Control connection between AdvanMux units Through standard Ethernet 8-wire UTP cables
Electrostatic protection Included for all RF input/outputs