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One of the largest passive UHF RFID deployment in the world uses Keonn systems and components

Brascol, a Brazilian clothing wholesaler with the one of the largest passive UHF RFID deployment in the world, has installed Keonn systems and components at its outlet. 
iTAG Tecnologia, a Keonn's partner in Brazil, has worked with Brascol on the solution's design, development and processes, and provided the systems integration. Brascol has tagged over 70000 stock-keeping units and installed 25 RFID-enabled stations. The stations use Advantennas to scan customers' carts to show a list of items and their prices.
As a result, the process has significantly decreased the queue at the cash registers. Now checking out 500 items takes only 16 minutes instead of 50 min, which means that an average purchase now takes less than 35% of the time than before.
Brascol is also using several AdvanMats (RFID UHF floor mats) for increased loss prevention and shrinkage reduction at the outlet.
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