Keonn has successfully run a pilot of AdvanShelf™ in a Carrefour store in Belgium  

Within the framework of the Bridge European Project, Keonn has tested an AdvanShelf™ gondola for books (an RFID-enabled gondola) in a Carrefour store in Belgium.

This pilot has involved 3 participants:

  • Carrefour, as responsible for the store and for applying tags on books
  • Hermes Metal, as the supplier of the metallic gondola and shelves
  • Keonn, as the supplier of the technology solution (hardware and software)

The products under test were 250 computer books, placed in the store in a gondola of metallic shelves.

The functionalities under test were the following:

  • Real-time inventory
  • Stock-out alarms

The results of the pilot have been excellent:

  1. AdvanShelf™ obtains the full inventory of books in real-time (every minute), with a reliability (read-rate) of 100% (all books are systematically read), and with no human intervention at all.
  2. AdvanShelf™ generates stock-out alarms whenever the stock level of a book falls below the minimum stock level.
  3. AdvanShelf™ is totally invisible, that is, customers do not see anything different from a conventional store.

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