Increasing sales at retail stores with RFID-based interactive systems

The world of retail is rapidly changing. Shoppers are becoming technologically-savvier, increasingly sophisticated, fashion conscious,value-seeking, and less loyal.
In this environment, customer retention is becoming increasingly difficult as shoppers are willing to shop at a wide variety of stores and across a broad range of retailing formats.
To face these market pressures, retailers are focusing on improving the customers experience. After all, a customer's experience strongly influences buying frequency, buying behavior, world-of-mouth communication, and overall satisfaction.
However, the shopping experience at retail stores has hardly changed in the last 15 years. As a result, retailers lose many opportunities for selling more to customers in their stores. 
advanrobot and rfid

Keonn wins the Coolest Demo Contest at RFID JL with its RFID robot  

AdvanRobot, an RFID-based inventory robot was chosen by the participants of the RFID Journal Live 2013 as the Coolest Demo in the show.

It is a second year in a row that Keonn Technologies has been honored as a winner of this contest.

AdvanRobot is a mobile and autonomous RFID system with on-board navigation that performs automatically the inventory of a given space, for instance, a retail store or a low-ceiling warehouse. 


The fast growing business of RFID smart shelves  

Smart shelves and cabinets have long been considered one of the most promising opportunities for the RFID industry. Perpetual inventory and location of all products in a store, hospital, library or manufacturing plant opens up a host of business cases with demonstrable ROI's.
Preventing stock outs, identifying misplaced items, helping customers finding the products they want, controlling who checks out valuable items, or ensuring availability of critical parts are just a few examples.
However, deploying smart shelves and cabinets on a large scale is faced with several important challenges.

Automated management of food products with RFID  

Eriddes, a system integrator based in Spain, has implemented an RFID system at the largest company worldwide of cherry tomato.

This RFID system uses Keonn readers, multiplexers, antennas and RF cables for the automated management of the fruit stock with real time positioning.

The deployed system provides better stock accuracy and control, automated traceability register, and fewer human errors.



RFID system for tracking heavy steel coils in warehouses  

Entresistemas, an engineering company, has developed an RFID system for tracking heavy steel coils in large warehouses.

This system uses Keonn antennas, in particular, Advantenna-P11, for detecting which reel is picked up by each crane at each particular moment.

This information is sent to the operator and to the main core system (based on SAP).

This results in higher efficiency in crane movements, fewer human errors in coil identification and higher speed.


Invisible anti-theft RFID UHF system for libraries  

Libera Networks, a system integrator based in Spain, has deployed Keonn's AdvanSafe overhead anti-theft RFID system at the Library of Galicia.

Five AdvanSafe units have been installed over the ceiling, making them completely invisible. These 5 units control an entrance of several metres width.

When a user carries a book that has not been checked.out, AdvanSafe detects it and sounds an alarm.

Libera Networks has installed other advanced RFID UHF systems for managing different processes of the library, like self check-out, reception, inventory, etc.


RFID beverage dispensing machines  

ValidFill, a manufacturer of beverage dispensing machines based in the US, is using RFID technology to add intelligence to the beverage transactions.

ValidFill, uses Keonn's AdvanMux-12 multiplexer in order to control up to 12 antennas with a single reader in each machine.

By using this RFID architecture, ValidFill increases food and beverage revenue while positively affecting guest satisfaction, register throughput, shrink, and sustainability efforts.


New version of AdvanMux-8, 8-ports multiplexer  

Keonn has released a new improved version of AdvanMux-8, RFID UHF 8-port multiplexer.

This new version uses SMA connectors and has lower insertion losses. As a result, RFID systems using AdvanMux-8 increase their read range and read rate.

AdvanMux-8 is easily controlled and powered by most reader models. Several multiplexers can be daisy chained by interconnecting their control ports with conventional Ethernet cables.


New connectors for Keonn antennas  

Keonn has designed and developed a new type of connector for its antennas: flange right angle connectors

This connector is ideal for applications like smart shelves, where the space occupied by the antenna must be minimal, and when edge-mount connectors cannot be used.

With these connectors, Keonn offers 3 types of connectors for its antennas:

• Flange straight connectors
• Flange right angle connectors
• Edge mount connectors (for some antenna models)


Interactive fitting rooms for increasing sales  

Roberto Verino, an apparel retailer, has installed Keonn RFID fitting room system AdvanFitting at their new retail store in Barcelona.

The installation and integration have been performed by a systems integrator.

AdvanFitting detects the tagged items taken by customers into each fitting room and shows these items in a touchscreen located in the same fitting room.

Customers can request another size or color without leaving the fitting room, and are shown complementary products for cross-selling purposes.

Each AdvanFitting unit is installed above the ceiling, making it completely invisible.

Thanks to its high directivity, each AdvanFitting unit detects the RFID tags located at its corresponding fitting room, while minimizing the detection of products located in neighboring fitting rooms or in areas nearby.