Keonn antennas inside "swipe, grab and go" kiosks across the United States 

Pantry, a US fresh foodservice provider, is using 500 Advantennas-p13 to track inventory and sales of food from their innovative kiosks.
By simply swiping a card, a customer can access fresh food and beverages in the workplace and on the go. Keonn antennas have been incorporated inside the kiosks to track which items have been removed so that the cost of the item is calculated and the customer is charged properly. 
Pantry has deployed their kiosks across the US in a growing number of workplaces, hospitals, universities and hotels, allowing people to have access to better food choices in these locations so that they can be more productive in their busy everyday lives. 

Successful pilots of AdvanRobot in large retailers

AdvanRobot is a mobile and autonomous RFID system that performs automatically the inventory of a given space, for instance, a retail store or low-ceiling warehouse. 
AdvanRobot is being tested by several retailers in Europe and in the US, with excellent results, achieving inventory accuracy above 99.5%, allowing more frequent inventories, and providing item location. 
The new version of AdvanRobot is slimmer, foldable (for better transportation), has 8 hours of autonomy, and can be operated by store associates without any technical skills by means of a smartphone.
To read more about AdvanRobot, click here

We have closed our second round of financing, of 1 million euro!

We are excited to share with you some big news: this month we have raised one million euro in founding! This is our second round of financing after closing one of half a million euro in 2014. 
This investment will allow us to further accelerate our growth (more than 70% annually), enlarge our offering and open new markets. 

Keonn partners with Tex Trace to improve the customer shopping experience

TexTrace, a pioneer in advanced technology for the apparel industry, announced that the company is collaborating with Keonn to bring advanced RFID systems for apparel retailers to the market.

TexTrace incorporates RFID technology into a woven brand label for accurate inventory tracking, seamless security and brand authentication. Together, the TexTrace Woven RFID Brand Label and Keonn’s interactive retail systems create the ideal fashion retail experience of the future with a sophisticated product recommendation and cross-selling system enabled by item-level RFID technology.
Gescode news

Keonn interactive recommendation system at Munich stores

Munich, pioneer in sports shoe making in Spain, is now using AdvanLook, Keonn interactive recommendation system, in its stores. 

AdvanLook is installed and configured by Gescode, a Spanish system integrator, specialized in the development of professional software solutions for retailers.
With AdvanLook, customers approach a shoe and see immediately which sizes and colours are available, which enhances the shopping experience.
Store staff spend now more time attending customers, instead of searching for available sizes in the backroom of the store. 


aida news

Correios Brazil introducing RFID to track important deliveries

The Brazilian Postal Service, Correios Brazil, has installed an intelligent infrastructure to monitor nationwide letters, parcels and valuable assets. 

The solution has been developed and supplied by Aida Center, a Keonn partner in the field of RFID identification and tracking. It comprises 400 RFID gates and 1000 Keonn antennas Advantenna-p12
The RFID solution is completely plug and play.
Now, Correios Brazil has full control and visibility of the deliveries at every point in the delivery route. 
AdvanLook-LT news

New product: AdvanLook-LT with tray

AdvanLook-LT is a recommendation and cross-selling system with tray ideal for cosmetics, footwear, wine, etc. 
By simply placing a product on the tray of AdvanLook-LT, customers see benefits, experts' advice, videos of how to use the product, and recommended products.
Customers can also share images and information of the products in social media, and pay for the products with their smartphone.
The content and user interface of AdvanLook-LT can be remotely updated very easily, by means of AdvanCloud cloud-based software platform.
With AdvanLook-LT, brands and retailers increase sales, improve conversion rates and enhance the customer shopping experience.
grupped 2

One of the largest passive UHF RFID deployment in the world uses Keonn systems and components

Brascol, a Brazilian clothing wholesaler with the one of the largest passive UHF RFID deployment in the world, has installed Keonn systems and components at its outlet. 
iTAG Tecnologia, a Keonn's partner in Brazil, has worked with Brascol on the solution's design, development and processes, and provided the systems integration. Brascol has tagged over 70000 stock-keeping units and installed 25 RFID-enabled stations. The stations use Advantennas to scan customers' carts to show a list of items and their prices.
As a result, the process has significantly decreased the queue at the cash registers. Now checking out 500 items takes only 16 minutes instead of 50 min, which means that an average purchase now takes less than 35% of the time than before.
Brascol is also using several AdvanMats (RFID UHF floor mats) for increased loss prevention and shrinkage reduction at the outlet.

Keonn RFID floor mats for a jewelry retailer

A large retail chain of jewelry and luxury goods, with over 370 stores worldwide is deploying RFID for reducing theft
The systems, installed and configured by a Spanish system integrator, consist of AdvanMat (RFID floor mats) and AdvanEAS (RFID alarm units). 
As a result, the retailer is reducing theft at its stores and keeps the store entrance free of pedestals, which attracts more customers

Keonn antennas at Atlanta's College Football Hall of Fame

A US system integrator has installed an RFID system at Atlanta's College Football Hall of Fame to allow viewers to interact with their favorite teams through the exhibition.
The system uses 26 Advantenna-p14 (RFID UHF Antenna), over 100 RFID readers and RFID credentials for visitors to activate customized content throughout the venue. 
In this way visitors are provided with a highly-immersive, interactive and engaging experience.