New Keonn product: AdvanSafe-200

AdvanSafe is an overhead loss prevention system based on RFID UHF that detects the tagged items that pass through an entrance and triggers an acoustic and/or visual alarm if any item has not been purchased. 

AdvanSafe uses multiple antenna beams and electronic beam steering to detect which tags are static and which are moving, avoiding false alarms.

The products that trigger an alarm can be shown on a smartphone managed by store staff or security staff.

Thanks to AdvanSafe, retailers improve the aesthetics of their stores, reduce theft, minimize false alarms and are able to identify stolen products immediately.


SOTF, Store Of The Future, uses Keonn equipment to create a unique shopping experience

Sotf, a new Italian footwear chain, is using Keonn RFID equipment to create a unique shopping experience.

The store has 5 fitting rooms, each equipped with AdvanReader-150, AdvanMux-16 multiplexers, Advantenna-p11 antennas and a tablet.

When a customer takes shoes to a fitting room, the shoes are identified and information about them appears immediately on a tablet screen.

Customers use the tablet to send requests to store associates, who receive the notification on a smartphone and are able to serve customers faster.

Store associates also provide interactive information to customers, bringing the benefits of online stores in physical stores.

The solution has been developed and installed by Temera, an Italian system integrator specialized in RFID solutions for retail.


Superdry increases security of its stores with Keonn RFID loss-prevention systems

Superdry has implemented Keonn RFID loss-prevention systems to increase the security and visibility in their stores.

AdvanSafe overhead systems improve the store visibility from outside and prevent theft effectively and discreetly.

Superdry will shortly start using RFID for inventory management.

This solution has been managed and installed by Tag Company, a system integrator based in the UK specialized in retail solutions.

AdvanLook 10

New Keonn product: AdvanLook-10

AdvanLook-10 is a low-cost smart product recommender and cross-selling system for retail stores.

AdvanLook-10 uses RFID technology and a touch screen of 10’ to improve the shopping experience of customers at retail stores.

Customers see images of the products they have picked up, detailed information about these products and receive product recommendations.

AdvanLook can increase the sales of retailers up to 25% thanks to up-selling and cross-selling!  


AdvanLook increases sales by 25% in Holavisio stores

Holavisio, an eyewear retail chain, has observed powerful sales uplift of 25% in its stores with AdvanLook, Keonn RFID-based interactive product recommender. 
Together with AdvanLook, Holavisio has installed a wide range of Keonn RFID systems in its store:

Watch video here

"Customers remember our stores because of AdvanLook. It is our main differentiator. And it boosts our sales", says Ricard Puig, General Manager of Holavisio.
The installation and integration has been carried out by B2interiors, an interior design company. 
trialsNew Keonn product: AdvanPay, RFID reader for points of sale

AdvanPay is a RFID reader for points of sale that has a highly controlling reading area and 3 operation modes (payment, returns, read-only).

Watch video here
AdvanPay uses keyboard emulation. No changes are needed in the POS software.
AdvanPay also writes on the RFID tag in order to mark it as paid, avoiding triggering alarms by the loss-prevention system.
AdvanPay can be mounted recessed in the table or underneath the table
With AdvanPay, the payment process is much faster and the queues at checkouts are reduced, improving the customer experience and increasing retailers' sales

Keonn joins forces with General Electric to create an advanced inventory solution

Keonn has joined forces with GE's digital energy company Current, powered by GE, to incorporate VLC (Visible Light Communications) technology in Keonn AdvanScan inventory solution. 
The goal of the collaboration is to create an affordable inventory solution based on handheld readers that also provides accurate item location.
This solution has been patented by Keonn.
The partnership was announced during LightFair in San Diego. As a result of this cooperation, Keonn has joined a select group of companies chosen to add value to GE's Predix platform.  
Munich Mercat

Keonn systems enable new massive pop-up stores

Munich, a footwear retailer, has deployed Keonn RFID systems in its crowded pop-up stores, for improving the shopping experience.
Watch video here
During three days, one pop-up store gathers 15000 shoppers; and for Munich, providing an agile, pleasant and modern shopping experience is paramount:
  • With AdvanLook, customers check prices and product information interactively, and Munich can change the price dynamically.  
  • With AdvanPay-110, payment time is much shorter and lines are reduced at the point of sales.
  • And with AdvanScan, Munich obtains the inventory in only one hour.

New Keonn product: AdvanServe, portable cross-selling system

AdvanServe is a portable product recommendation and cross-selling system for retail stores, based on a smart phone or tablet. It can be used with RFID tags or barcodes.
Watch a video here.
The store associate uses AdvanServe to show customers images of the products, detailed information about these products and product recommendations. The store associate can also see the available stock of a product and inform the customer.
The store associate can transfer the customer session from the smartphone/tablet to AdvanFitting fitting room system or AdvanLook recommendation system, in order to show the images on a larger screen. 

New Keonn product: Advantenna CP-11

Advantenna-CP11 is a compact RFID UHF Antenna, with a highly controlled reading area, and with circular polarization.
By controlling the power of the RFID reader, Advantenna-CP11 can work as a near-field antenna, or as a wider range antenna.
When working as a near-field antenna, the reading area can be adjusted to be a few centimeters, even with far-field tags.