Safari Outdoor uses Keonn systems to streamline store processes

Safari Outdoor, the major safari related retailer in South Africa, has equipped all its stores with Keonn RFID systems to improve store processes: inventory, payment, and loss-prevention.

Milestone, a system integrator specialized in the retail sector, has installed the following Keonn RFID products: AdvanStation, AdvanPrint, AdvanScan, AdvanPay, and AdvanSafe.

According to Milestone, the retailer has drastically reduced the overall inventory workload of the stores. Taking inventories is now much faster and accurate, allowing more frequent stock counts.

The RFID systems are connected to Keonn's AdvanCloud, which provides the retailer with real-time information on sold and stolen products at an item level.


Keonn RFID systems used for tracking at an international logistics company

A major supply chain management company is using Keonn RFID systems for tracking boxes at loading docks.

Tracktio, an IoT solutions provider specialized in tracking and traceability, has installed AdvanSafe in 16 loading docks in two large Distribution Centers.

AdvanSafe, together with Tracktio’s software, tracks all the boxes that are loaded and unloaded from the trucks, in pallets of 100 tags each, achieving a read rate of nearly 100%.

The solution is integrated with the company’s ERP. Tracktio’s software manages events, truck shipments, picking accuracy and reverse logistics processes.

The company has sharply reduced errors in the shipments, improved truck loading time, decreased the workload and increased global visibility.


New user interface of AdvanScan

AdvanScan, Keonn’s handheld RFID inventory solution, has a new and improved user interface.

The new user interface has a user-friendly icon menu, which makes it really easy for store associates to navigate through the different functionalities.

Each icon represents a functionality of the AdvanCloud app. Keonn partners can select which icons are available for each client.

Icons are color coded. Each color represents a type of business process: inventory, movement, encoding, information, customer service, and security.

This new look and feel accelerates the learning process and personalizes the solution       to clients’ needs.


Keonn RFID payment systems for omnichannel strategy

A big Italian retailer has installed Keonn's RFID systems in 25 stores, as part of its omnichannel strategy.

Temera, experts in RFID solutions for high-end fashion retailers, has installed AdvanPay-110 in the stores' payment desks.

AdvanPay is an RFID reader for points of sale that has a highly confined reading area and advanced POS features.

With AdvanPay, the payment process becomes much faster and the queues at checkouts are reduced, improving the customer experience and hence, increasing the retailers' sales.

Also, the information registered by AdvanPay is used to improve the stock accuracy.

In the following months, Temera will install AdvanPay-110 in a total of 130 stores.


Delegate tracking at RNC Congress with Keonn readers and antennas

The Royal College of Nursing annual congress, a major event with over 6.000 attendees, uses Keonn’s readers and antennas to track delegates overall and session-specific attendance.

Codegate, a system integrator in UK specialized in tracking solutions, has provided the complete solution using Keonn’s AdvanReader-150 and Advantenna-P16.

Delegate badges incorporate an RFID tag, and over 30 readers with hidden antennas cover all major event areas and breakout rooms.

With this RFID solution, all the information is updated in real time without the need to stop delegates to scan them.

All this information gives the RCN an invaluable insight into delegate patterns and behaviors and is crucial in helping improve the event year-on-year.


Beauty smart store in Morocco uses Keonn RFID floor mats

A massive beauty store in Casablanca has installed over 148 metres of AdvanMat-300 RFID EAS floor mat for loss-prevention.
In total, 491 AdvanMat-300 modules and 49 AdvanGuard RFID alarm units were used to fully protect its 24 wide open entrances, covering the total perimeter of 148 meters.
The system is completely invisible, allowing unobstructed entrances, improving the store aesthetics and attracting more customers.
The solution has been developed and installed by Pegase, a leader in ERP, CRM and BI solutions in Morocco.

Fully automated RFID access controls for ski resorts

Ski resorts in North America are adopting Keonn RFID antennas and splitters to create fully automated access controls. In 2018, 80 access control systems will be deployed.
According to Skidata, experts in access control systems for people and cars, the main challenge was to choose the appropriate antennas in order to obtain high throughput, appropriate reading range, and minimum false reading.
After a thorough evaluation, Skidata chose Keonn Advantenna-CP11 and AdvanSplitter-2.
By using a fully automated access control system, the need for staff to check tickets manually or with handheld reading devices is significantly reduced, increasing the profitability of ski resorts.

New Keonn product: AdvanMat-300

AdvanMat-300 is a high-performance modular RFID EAS floor mat that integrates multiple RFID antennas for concealed loss prevention, tracking people and objects.
AdvanMat modules can be combined in multiple ways giving the system integrators high flexibility regarding the width and shape of the protected areas.
Once it's installed in the floor, AdvanMat-300 can be covered by a carpet, wood, or concrete.
With AdvanMat, retailers improve the aesthetics of their stores by having unobstructed entrances, increase theft detection, and are able to identify and report stolen products to a smartphone or remote server.

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RFID helps reduce carrying costs by 50% for Fire and EMS clients

Large Fire departments in Florida cut carrying costs thanks to SmartShelves and SmartVehicles equipped with Keonn RFID antennas.

Silent Partner Technologies, a leader in RFID asset and inventory management, who manufactures, installs and integrates RFID solutions, uses RFID readers and antennas to continuously monitor quantities, expiration dates of medical supplies within supply rooms, supply closets, and within vehicles. 

As a direct result of constant monitoring, the fire departments have significantly improved the visibility, cut down on errors, drastically reduced their carrying costs (between 30-50%), cut down on expirations, significantly improve the ability to handle recalls, all while significantly increasing their productivity.